Production of welded I-beams

Welded beams are mainly used to manufacture metal structures. Welded beams in a cost-effective construction of buildings and structures. Welded beams used in floors, surfaces, racks, working platforms, ramps, bridges, crane beams and other metal. Especially effective in large-span beams welded constructions of industrial buildings, shops and other buildings. Welded Beams joists most popular profiles, widely used in construction…

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Production and rental of scaffolding

Wedge scaffolding nazyvayut resistant universal, because the range of applications is wide enough. In construction – a finishing and repair work, facadni and installation work, masonry. Similarly, these scaffolding used in the construction of the supporting framework systems for formwork. The design of such a scaffold that allows depending on the characteristics arhitektypy buildings carcasses change scheme. They are…

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Construction work

LLC “Poltavaspetsmontazh” has extensive experience in construction of buildings and structures of various kinds of purposes. Performs work on the device prefabricated, monolithic and foundations using piles; erection of precast concrete, monolithic concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and armokam’yanyh structures; the device of roofs from rolled steel profiles; outside and inside arrangement.

LLC “Poltavaspetsmontazh” has the right to perform work on…

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Production and installation of steel structures of different kinds of difficulty

LLC “Poltavaspetsmontazh” can produce different kinds of metal and complexity of purposes, including frame buildings and technological structures. Hardware manufactured both in manufacturing plants and on-site construction. Production shops are equipped with lots of equipment, guillotine shears, press scissors valtsehybochnymy, tube bending, bending, turning, grinding, drilling, milling machines, welding equipment, bridge cranes, metal, flame installations and others.

Our company works…

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Construction of oil gas fields

LLC “Poltavaspetsmontazh” has many years experience in the oil and gas industry. The company carries a full range of technological and installation of main high pressure pipelines in diameter from 15 to 1400 mm. Production pipe units as possible on the industrial base of the enterprise and on the construction site. To perform these works in the enterprise are…

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