Metal structures

The company has a wide range of equipment and tools enabling metal structures installation in difficult conditions.

We draw up and agree with the Customer on a detailed schedule for metal structures installation. We provide metal structures estimations and calculate their cost.

The stage of development and agreement with the Project Customer of all production works is a must for us.

The execution of works is accompanied by all the necessary permits and regulatory documents regarding our specialists and workers who carry out the installation and dismantling of structures.

During the installation of metal structures, there are always engineers on-site who monitor the construction process, the quality of work, the execution of the schedule, and safety and occupational health and safety regulations. Strict compliance of installation with technical documentation and current building regulations is our professional credo in this case. Agreeing on technical issues, and keeping work logs – all these are basic features of our work rather than subject to the whims.

All construction equipment has passports of technical inspection. Our experienced workers have relevant permits to work with the lifting equipment.

In the final process of work, we correct small mechanical defects of anti-corrosion protection that occur during installation work. After the completion of the works, we hand over to the customer a detailed set of construction and technical documentation per the SCS A.3.1-5:2016.

We carry out the process of manufacturing metal structures according to clearly defined points:

• metal structures design and estimates;

• metal cutting process;

• the process of assembly and welding of frame elements;

• construction cleaning;

• application of anti-corrosion protection;

• direct installation of metal structures at the Customer’s facility.

Each of the stages of production of metal structures is carried out under the close supervision of technical control employees.

We check the geometric dimensions of the structures, the correctness of the cutouts and holes made in them, and the level of quality of welding and anti-corrosion protection. Each design element is accompanied by a factory quality certificate.

Personnel involved in welding production constantly improve their professional expertise. Welders successfully pass exams for compliance with European standards and have relevant certificates issued by the Ukrainian Attestation Committee of Welders.

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